Reach Next Generation

Our Summits

Reach Next Generation is an ambitious project created to talk to thousands of 11-15 year old girls helping them to understand what it means to be a young girl in one of the most dynamic times in living memory

Since our first Summit in the summer of 2021 we have held 9 inspirational and aspirational summits where women from a variety of industries and backgrounds have come together to make a difference to the lives and ambitions of the next generation of female leaders

We engage with girls at a critical age, at a time when society begins to tell them “they can’t –They leave our summits knowing that “they can”

About Reach Next Generation

Reach Next Generation is a safe space where 11-15 year old girls come to talk to each other and their future selves and women come to talk with the girls about their younger selves. We celebrate the brilliant real life success stories and also key moments of failure which have led to our women to where they are in life

So far the mission has been to create a physical space where we bring girls from all backgrounds to hear from and chat to women who have a story to tell, an experience to share and to impress on the girls that “If I can do it, you can do it”

The aims of our summits

  • To provide a unique and inspiring opportunity to meet girls from all backgrounds.
  • To empower women leaders of the future of the future at a key time for diversity and equality throughout the World.
  • To hear from accomplished and entertaining experts in their field.
  • To provide a forum in which women with boardroom experience can offer the benefit of their experience to the next generation of female leaders.
  • To provide thought leadership and opportunity to address their concerns.
  • To empower the girls so that they can be whoever they want to be.
    To create a very special group who will act as ambassadors and inspirators for the next generation.
  • Most of all, to build confidence, self-esteem and independence.

What happens at our summits?

Our unique format sees all the girls sit in a summit style circle, so they all have a front row seat.

We run a series of short sessions –between 12 and 15 throughout the day and the girls can contribute to the topics as much as they like.

We have a mix of sessions –some are interactive, some involve participation, and some are designed to demonstrate that“if I can do it-you can do it.”

They talk about their ambitions and hopes for their careers as they think about their future.

What do we talk about at our Summits?

They hear from and talk with women who have a story to tell.
Leaders in Sport, Fashion, Music, Business, Music, Charities, Nutrition, Human Rights and Social Media all there to create conversations and provide thought leadership.

They openly discuss their thoughts, concerns and ambitions in a completely “safe space.”

It’s a place that the girls can talk about what they want to talk about

What the girls say

"It was such a busy day meeting so many women who have inspired me to become what I want in life. My favourite was getting to hold Desiree Henry’s Bronze medal."
"I really enjoyed seeing how confident the women were and how the 2 hosts, who were our age, were able to stand in front of a group of girls and present the summit. This was great to see"
"This event has really helped me to understand that becoming successful takes time. The women that were there really inspired me to pursue my dreams and think about my future.."

What the speakers say

We’ve had over 75 speakers from all backgrounds talk to the girls at our summits.

Each speaker has been as passionate as we are about giving young girls the power of opportunity and a showing them a pathway to their hopes and dreams.

“Such a privilege to be part of the ReachNextGen summit supporting the empowerment of 11-15 year old girls from all backgrounds in London this past weekend - a truly inspirational way to spend a Saturday!”
Caroline Frankum, CEO Kantar
I would like to congratulate you on hosting such a wonderful, well-organisedand special Summit at the Etihad Stadium where I was honouredto be a keynote speaker. It was wonderful to receive such a warm welcoming and be able to tell the girls about my journey and how I became the first female Secretary General of The Muslim Council of Britain. The Next Generation Reach platform is a fantastic initiative to empower girls to talk about their hopes and aspirations in a safe place and in turn build confidence and independence, I was honouredto be a part of them and their journey. I am so happy that this was a positive step for us to continue to collaborate closely together.
Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain
“I thought long and hard about what I wanted to share with the girls and kept on coming back to the importance of growth mindset .I shared my story of the young 16-year-old Hannah and the mindset I had to adopt at different stages of my life! The girls didn’t let me off lightly, asking my specific questions about aspects of my story.”
Hannah Awonuga, Head of Diversity, Knight Frank

Some of our amazing speakers